About Us

Like so many women out there, Geneva Grainger wanted products that were fun, different and luxurious.  A former attorney turned entrepreneur, she sought out to start a luxury brand that specializes in “fine distinctive products” that she could not find in the everyday stores.  With the launch of her Haute in the Kitchen® signature aprons, the Domestic Glitz® brand was born.  It is now a fun and flirty brand that has all of the glamour and luxury that any girl would want!

The Haute in the Kitchen® aprons are already a big hit online and through word of mouth sales and recent press, The Haute in the Kitchen® signature aprons will soon be in the finer stores across the US.  With more exciting products already in production, the Domestic Glitz® line is expanding to other exciting and luxurious products that we all want, but cannot always find.  Stay tuned for new “fine distinctive” products, and please tell a friend about your purchase as we consider it the highest compliment to make a sale through a referral!

Geneva is also the owner of Global Organix, www.globalorganix.com, an organic tea and health company and the owner/inventor of Belt Loopy® www.shopfashionistarx.com. She is also a licensed attorney in the state of Texas.